Foot Fetish Rape

Jul 14, 2010.
Foot rape. I know it sounds like something funny, but it's actually true. I never would have thought so until I found this Youtube video. I was looking for foot massage videos, I get foot rape.

This guy gets girls drunk - or drugs them with Ambien - at parties at his house. He then offers them a safe place to pass out instead of driving home. While they sleep in their drugged stupor he goes into the room and massages, tickles, licks, sucks, etc. their feet and toes. They must be asleep and stay asleep or it does not sexually excite him as much; he has 29 other videos of doing the same thing to other unsuspecting women and brags about more in the comments.

This video would have been longer, and he would have done more things to her feet, had someone from the party not come upstairs to check on the girl. She probably doesn't even know her face and feet are on Youtube for dozens of horny foot fetishists to masturbate over.

Just another reason to never get drunk, never leave your drink unattended and to always fall asleep in your own bed.

This guy is a nurse.


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